Parlour Magic

The best of both worlds!  This type magic is best described as close up magic performed for larger audiences, yet intimate in feel.  This show consists of sleight of hand miracles with plenty of audience participation, as this type of show was born from Brandon’s street performances, where captivating and involving the audience was essential.  The result is an extremely engaging performance that everyone will enjoy.

This type of performance is best groups for 20-200 and can be formal or informal.  Ideal venues are ballrooms, “parlours,” or even large living areas.  The performance is often driven by the exact audience size and, like all of Brandon’s magic, is highly adaptable.

Gather a Crowd

Using a combination of quick wit and sleight of hand, Brandon can gather a crowd performing effects that incorporates the audience and holds their attention.  Just think!  If Brandon can gather a crowd on the Pearl St Mall, imagine what he can do at your trade show or corporate event.  Brandon also has technical sales experience and can promote your products and services.

More than Magic

With Parlour Magic, it’s more than just magic.   In this type of performance, Brandon provides audiences the chance to be part of the show, if they choose, helping perform the magic and deliver lines for the show.  The bottom line is Brandon makes sure that the performance is not only magical but also funny, meaningful, and entertaining.