Close up Magic

Magic, up close

Close up Magic features intimate sleight of hand performed for small groups and dinner parties.  When Brandon first began performing close up magic, he set a goal of being able to take an unopened pack of cards, provided by a spectator, and entertain a small group of people for a solid hour.  Over the past seven years, Brandon has sculpted his close up repertoire to include a variety of close up magic with coins and other small items.  Today, this show features an array of miracles with the entire audience sitting only a few feet away.  Most of the magic happens right in the spectator’s hands!

This type of magic is best for small groups of 20 or less or for larger groups in a walk around setting.  Ideal events are dinner parties, wedding receptions, and cocktail events, although close up magic can be incorporated into any type of event.  Past clients include Southern Survey Company, Temple Baptist Church, and Union Board.

Customized Performances

Brandon customizes every performance to include at least one magic effect specifically for the event or guest of honor. Special tricks for weddings and birthdays create lasting memories, adding a whole new level of entertainment to your event.

Strolling Magic

Brandon can perform close up magic for larger groups with strolling magic.  This type of magic consists of Brandon mingling with guests, breaking the ice and performing intimate sleight of hand from group to group. This type of performance is best for cocktail events or in combination with a formal show.

A Closer Look

Like nothing you’ve ever seen!  In close up magic every spectator gets a front row seat to see magic that is strong and direct.  Most people who witness this type of performance consider it to be their favorite, since they are literally part of the magic.

Did you Know?

Close up magic is considered by magicians to be the most difficult type of magic to perform.   The ultimate close up effect, the cups and balls, is often used to judge a magician’s skills.  Brandon concludes many close up performances with this classic effect.