Magic Camp

Watch. Learn. Perform.

Conjuring Camp is a full service resource for learning the art of magic. Our goal is to provide quality props and instruction along with everything else you need to perform great magic.  We understand that everyone has a different learning style and sometimes learning magic from written instructions can be difficult or even impossible. Therefore, Conjuring Camp provides verbal, written, and video instructions along with all of the necessary props.  Our magic kits are custom designed and include various effects, ranging from self working to minimal sleight of hand and can be performed individually or combined to preform a theatrical show.

Our Approach

First, students get to watch as Shawn and Brandon perform each magic trick included in the kit. Second, you receive personalized instruction of each trick. Shawn and Brandon walk through each trick step by step, allowing you to learn how to accomplish each amazing trick. Finally, take home the kit yourself, which includes all the necessary props, along with written instructions as well as links to access video tutorials. This means you can watch and re-watch performances and explanations of each trick as well as read step by step instructions, depending how you learn best.

More than Magic

The thing that makes Discover Magic truly special is its structure.  Discover Magic is designed to build self confidence, teach respect, inspire creativity, improve social skills and so much more all in a safe friendly environment. To put it simply we are leveraging the power and excitement of learning magic secrets to get kids to put down their electronic devices and learn important social skills that will last a lifetime.

A Closer Look

Discover Magic is a one of a kind program. Internationally recognized and created by some of the top magicians of our time. In this course kids are given top secret file folders, custom tricks with full color instructions. Tricks you won’t find anywhere else in fact. Each student will receive a key code giving them access to an online video vault where they can review what they learned in class and learn bonus tricks.

Extensive Curriculum

In additional to the magic taught during class aach week students leave with a file folder featuring tons of additional tips and tricks, as well as links to learn MORE magic online.  At the end of the course, they will have more than enough materials and magic to perform like a pro.