Where are you from and where do you live now?

I grew up in Longview, Texas, graduated from Longview High School, and attended college at Louisiana Tech University.  I try to hide any remnants of a southern drawl, although, like any Texan I’m proud of where I grew up. In 2009 I moved to Boulder, Colorado for graduate school.  Since completing my Masters Degree in Structural Engineering, I remain a resident of Colorado, enamored by the magic of the Rocky Mountains.

How did you get started in magic?

As a child I developed an interest in magic after seeing my dad perform a few card tricks.  While on a summer vacation with my family in Estes Park, Colorado we visited a magic shop a bought two tricks.  My brother and I spent the rest of the trip performing those two tricks for EVERYONE we saw.  Yes, we were those kids. Throughout high school magic continued to weave its way into my life until one day someone offered to hire me for a dinner party.  The rest is history…

How did you learn magic?

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!  Just kidding, the real answer isn’t that exciting.  In my opinion, books are the best way to learn and practice magic.  I read and study classic magic books, many that are hundreds of years old.  To think other great magicians once read those very same words years before me is pretty neat.  I also have the privilege of meeting and discussing magic with two of the best sleight of hand entertainers in the state of Colorado:  Gene Gordon and Dave Neighbors.

Why do you perform?

So girls will notice me.  Just kidding, again.  Sorta.  I perform because I love it!  I’ve found I feel the most comfortable and the happiest when entertaining people with magic and I believe it’s the best way for me to communicate with others.  It is what makes me come alive and it’s how I feel I can best contribute to society.

Is Magic Real?

It all depends on how you define magic.  To think I can entertain a group of people, allowing them to temporarily forget about the daily grind of life, bills to pay, and long days at work is magic.  Seeing a look of astonishment and wonder on people’s faces is magic.

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